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About Us

Falcon Chauffeur Services is licensed by the Public Carriage Office, who specialise in the delivery of Executive Chauffeur Services. We are dedicated to client satisfaction, confidentiality, flexibility of service and professionalism.


Be it a luxurious S-Class Mercedes or a spacious Viano – your search for the perfect affordable car hire service in UK ends here. What matters most to us is your comfort and satisfaction; with proficient drivers and strong work integrities of quality service, we have earned trust of numerous clients in the period of time we have existed and will continue to do so of many others in the future.


We're a large enough Executive car hire to handle any request. And small enough to care about yours. In fact, if we weren't so modest, we'd point out that we're not the biggest - but we just might be the best.
When it comes to Premium Chauffeur Service, we bring this extraordinary care and attention to detail to every booking. And we do it all - incredibly enough - on time and on budget. We guarantee you'll be satisfied - with our efforts, service and the results.

  • All of our chauffeurs are trained to respect our client’s privacy, knowing when to start a conversation and when to remain quiet can make all the difference, so tact and diplomacy are qualities we look for when carrying out our rigorous recruitment process before a chauffeur can work with Falcon Chauffeurs.

  • We perform to the highest standards every time. We recognise that you may have special requirements, so when you book with Falcon’s we retain the same chauffeur with each client throughout their visit.

    They will observe the client’s preferences, routines and schedules to ensure any future assignments run smoothly and our clients remain relaxed, comfortable and focused.

Registered in England & Wales. Company Reg 7416022
Licensed by Transport for London No: 08324/01/01